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Activities to Do
  • Indoor Games includes Table Tennis, Carrom & Chess
  • Outdoor Games includes Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton & Soft Trekking
  • Cycling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Bird watching
  • Jungle Drive, Nature walk
Fishing and angling continues to be people's favorite pastime as well as adventurous sports. These two sporting activities can also be enjoyed in various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Jim Corbett national park India is renowned for its wildlife reserve. Corbett national park also provides adventurous people with the opportunity of fishing and angling along with a wide variety of wildlife. Besides elephant safari, jeep safari and bird watching, fishing in Corbett national park is an extra adventurous activity.

Mahaseer is a kind of fish which is found in abundance in fresh waters of Himalayas. Mahaseer fishing in Corbett national park is a place within the vicinity of the park where fishing enthusiasts can easily get Goonch, Black Mahaseer, and Silver Mahaseer. But, fishing is no more allowed at Mahaseer fishing in Corbett national park, Uttrakhand, India. Mahaseer is basically a freshwater fish that is found a plenty in the waters of the Hill Rivers of Uttrakhand, India. This scaly fish can grow quite big and shows more sport than a salmon and is thus considered to be an interesting catch.

In Jim Corbett national park India, fishing is allowed at Ramganga and Kosi with prior permission from the forest officials. If you want angling of Goonch, you need to be extensively prepared. In fact, fishing Mahaseer fish is a great fun, for it immediately grabs the bait, especially when the bait is live fish, attar or ragi paste, or fly. The catchment area of the Kosi River covers part of the area of Jim Corbett national park.

Fishing for Mahaseer is great fun since it is also called as a game fish as this fish grabs bait quickly especially if the bait is live fish, fly, plug or spoon. The commonly sighted Mahaseer on the waters at the Corbett National Park are the Goonch, Silver Mahaseer and the Black Mahaseer.
Though Mahaseer fishing is no more allowed at the Corbett National Park you get opportunity to view these lovely fishes on the clear waters of the deep Ramganga in Uttrakhand, India.

River Crossing
Let us imagine there is no way but a business person that has to sell their product at the market. They must travel quite some distance to reach the market, a journey that involves crossing a river by means of a rickety rope bridge. The burden they carries is heavy, the crossing of the river fron one corner to other. treacherous. Indeed, there is no certainty that they will find buyers for her produce. Yet, the hope of profit is what sustains them as they makes this trip to the market. In the final analysis however, all their hopes and aspirations for profit may be realized only if they successfully crosses the bridge. Slowly slowly this activity has turned into adventure sports . The challenge of crossing the river, getting the whole team safely across the river makes it an amazing team experience.

Rappelling is essentially sliding down the rope in a controlled manner from a particular height. When you want to descent there are basically two options: you can walk or climb down, or you can rappel. But when the terrain becomes too difficult rappelling is the faster, easier and safer solution.

Tourist Spots

Garjia Temple

14 kms. from Ramnagar,on the way to Ranikhet, is a huge rock in the midst of river Kosi. This place has been named Garjia Devi after the deity. Amain agenda in every tourist itinerary is, visit to Garjia Temple- a most worth seeing spot of Kumaoni jungle - temple on a hill surrounded by Kosi river. Temple visit after crossing river by locally made wooden bridge, creates charming movements to every guest's itinerary.

Dhangari Museum
Here you will watch the educational details about floras and faunas of Corbett Park with trophies of naturally dead animals i.e. Tiger, Leopard, Tusker, Deer, Sambhar and Crocodile etc.

Corbett Fall
A half day visit to this beautiful spot of Corbett's periphery area with a jade green fall is a pleasant trip. Corbett falls is located 3 kms fromKaladhungi which is a welcome by nature with sound of water. Corbett falls is very much similar to the famous Kempty falls in Mussoorie, but Corbett falls is not spoiled by tourists and locals as compared to Kempty falls. The cool clear water cascading from a height is a beauty worth admiring. Above all, the passage that leads you to the Corbett Falls will fascinate you much before you reach there. The 1.7 kms long path with chirping and flights of birds send you a clarion call for a heaven ahead. Corbett Fall is undoubtedly beautiful; rustling leaves and killing silence definitely charm every visitor here. The wide area around the water falls provides very good parking and camping facilities. It is a very nice picnic spot. A nearby attraction is 'Nature Walk' museum, where one can experience the pure nature in its primitive style and calm. Entry Fees to Corbett Falls is Rs 5.00 for Indians and Rs 10 for foreigners. Photography is allowed free of cost. Bathing is permitted but be careful of slippery-moss-gathered stones as they might make you slip.

Sitabani Temple
About 20 kms. from Ram Nagar is a place called Sita Bani. Legend has it that Devi Sita, the consort of Lord Rama had entered into the lap of Mother Earth here. A fair is held here during Ram Navmi.
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